Find Your JOY

Find Your JOY

Your JOY is waiting inside. Next live class will be held AUGUST of 2019. | facilitated by Bonnie Bogner
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Bonnie Bogner
Bonnie Bogner

About the instructor

My mission for many years has been to assist in raising the vibration of the planet through love. To empower people to create a better life for themselves.  For about the past ten years this mission has been supported by the Wisdom of the Galactic Council.

My personal journey to empowerment has been long and sometimes rocky. As a youth, I never felt like I belonged anywhere except in nature with my pets and horses. My early adult years found me struggling through the corporate world where I worked in Information Technology, as well as raising three young children on my own. Through all of this, I knew that something was missing, and there was, in truth, 'more than meets the eye'.

Once I fully allowed Spirit into my life, I was able to begin to find my way to peace and joy.  I became obsessed with the world of energy healing, intuition and spirit, constantly seeking new and better ways to deepen my connection and empower myself and my clients. 

Personal experiences, hundreds of hours of study and thousands of coaching clients have created a deep understanding and compassion for those who are seeking. 

The sage in me is continually calling for more expression and expansion in all areas of my life. This work is not what I do, it is who I am.  My own journey through channel, thirst for wisdom and strong mentoring skills have come together to create the perfect combination to support you through the learning process to help you find your innate connection and voice. 

Isn't it time to take your happiness 
into your own hands? 

Meet me in the virtual classroom to 
Find Your JOY.

Four-week Online Course to help you reconnect with your authentic self, your hopes, your dreams, and your JOY.

Introduction - When did you stop dreaming? 

Clear out the outdated expectations you have of yourself and awaken the dreamer.

I have spent over 20 years studying the subconscious mind, learning about what works and what doesn't to elicit lasting change. This class is a culmination of much of that work. 

Module #1 Remembering Who You Are

So many ask “What is my life purpose?” May I suggest that a more productive question would be “How do I live my life on purpose?” 

Let's get to the heart of the matter, and look inside ourselves to discover how to Live On Purpose. The number of correct answers to this query is infinite and as varied as the people asking the question.

 Module #2 Trust the Universe

As soon as something goes 'wrong' we have a tendency to look for someone to blame. But what if nothing is wrong? What if it is all part of our opportunity to learn and grow as humans?

One of the most effective ways to make peace with the past is to find the value in the experiences. This module will help you to do just that.

Module #3 Time for a New Story

Words and stories are powerful. How is your story serving you? Do you talk about what you desire, or continue to grumble about things that did not work out quite as planned?

Let's take a good look at those stories and see where your stories are taking you. We will also explore whose story it really is. Are you telling your story or the one that others have scripted for you?

When you start to tell a new story, you open up whole new realms of potential.

Module #4 Expansion & Freedom

What is it that you are still doing because you think it is expected of you? Expected by friends or family, expected by your partner or employer, and often expected due to buying into the media. These all add up to create an unrealistic expectation that you have of yourself?

When we can begin to see all of the expectations we place upon ourselves that are not even ours, we can open to a new infinite potential, and free ourselves from false obligations.


Have some fun, go within and learn about yourself;
then change your outlook to a more joyful one.

Learning Styles Employed include audio; visual; mindfulness; interaction; application; plus an option for buddy support.

  1. Auditory learning with weekly audio lessons, pre-recorded and available to download to your own device.
  2. Visual learning with written summaries of each lesson to reinforce and anchor the lesson.
  3. Mindfulness is employed in each of the meditations to support and deepen each topic. 
  4. Interaction through the Facebook group will encourage you to practice what you have learned.
  5. Application via written exercises will help to bring this into a new way of being, rather than just theory.
  6. PLUS a Buddy System - optional, but highly recommended so you connect with someone to support each other via daily emails or text messages.


What the Find Your JOY Course includes:

  • Four JOY-filled modules, a new one released each week
  • Four joyful Audio Lessons 1) Remembering; 2) Trust; 3) New Story; and 4) Expansion
  • Each lesson also includes a written summary
  • Four joyful Written Exercises to help you dig deeper into what may be blocking you from Joy
  • Additional written materials to support the lesson and exercise
  • Four themed Meditations for you to do daily (or as often as you wish)
  • Full access to download and replay of all materials
  • Membership in our Private "Find Your JOY" facebook group, allowing interaction any time you wish.
  • Weekly 60-min Group Coaching Call. That is a full 4 hours of coaching
  • SPECIAL Follow-up 60-min Group Coaching JOY call in January to help keep you accountable for your own journey to JOY.
  • BONUS download of  "Loving the Miracle of You" guided meditation
  • SPECIAL EXTRA BONUS "I Am the I Forgiveness Meditation" recorded live at a sacred release ceremony at the Place of Refuge (Pu'uhonua O Hōnaunau) on the Island of Hawaii - never before made public!
  • With four downloadable modules/exercises, four guided meditations, five hours of live coaching, access to our private group and bonuses, this amazing package of goodies could easily be valued at over $800!

Course Contents

4 Texts
9 PDFs
4 Disqus
29 Audios
12.0 hrs

Course Curriculum