Galactic Conversations Online Mentoring Program
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Course description

 Galactic Conversations will empower you with the skills to go beyond intuition, and the patience to allow it to unfold naturally.

Are you ready to join Ye'Yesh Ye'Yar, the Galactic Council and I 
for this amazing adventure into the multidimensional? 
You will be glad you did! 
Meet me in the virtual classroom to open your sacred line of communication.

Have you been tapped on the shoulder by Spirit? 

Had that feeling there is someone just waiting to talk to you or through you?

Or maybe you have wondered if you could or should channel? 

Our world is rapidly evolving into a place where we will all become our own channel, but that can't happen without understanding and acceptance of what that is, and how to bring the messages through. 
This shift requires leaders ~ like you!

Do any of these describe you and your feelings?

  • Who me? Channel? I can't do this!
  • Why would they choose me?
  • What will people think?
  • Do I really have what it takes?
  • What if I get it wrong?
  • I must be crazy to feel this way.
  • How awesome if I could!
  • Maybe I already am? I am not sure what channel even is. 

If you can relate to one or more of these, this class is for you!

Channel can bring with it a whole range of emotions. I have been channelling now for about eight years, plus received nudges from Spirit for 2-3 years before. The road to becoming a confident channel was not an easy one, particularly without a physical guide. Don't get me wrong the Galactic Council was always there for me, but sometimes it would have been wonderful to have someone I could actually talk to, take my hand and lead me through.  That is what this is intended to do for you!

Are you a complete beginner?
Or already getting messages and want to develop your skills?

You may have just felt the nudge of Spirit and be unsure what to do with it. Or maybe you have started receiving messages and not sure what to do next. Maybe you feel a specific presence and want to learn to bring their light language through. Or you may even have had an experience that frightens you and are seeking reassurance. 

This class is suitable if you wish to begin to channel, enhance your skills, or gain understanding and reassurance. A person does not 'become a channel' in a few short weeks, however, they can learn to hold and translate the energy. The rest requires patience and practice. 

If you feel multidimensional communication is a part of your purpose that you just can't quite grasp hold of, Galactic Conversations is how to take the next step!

 Why take this class? 

My desire is for everyone who feels the nudge to 'make peace' with that nudge. Everyones ability to channel and the time it takes to develop that ability will vary, so I cannot guarantee you will leave the class as a professional channel. However, I can promise you will find out a lot about yourself and your desires and your abilities in this area of your life. 

  • This class may convince you that you would love to pursue a career as a channel, and you will have a solid foundation to work from.
  • Or it may show you that you wish to use this talent for personal use only, and will now have the basis to do so. 
  • It may even show to you that it was a one-time thing and you do not wish to pursue it at this time.  But you will know, and no longer be left wondering if this line of communication is for you.
  • Although I channel primarily the Galactic Council, and they will be guiding the process, you will be invited to channel whoever it is that wishes to speak to and through you.  

Outcomes you can expect

Say YES  Everyone's ability to receive and translate will vary and it also develops over time. However, Spirit will only come through if you say YES.

Stop Questioning  You can stop wondering 'what if' and find a new comfort in your relationship with Spirit. Remember, ignoring the tap on the shoulder is actually saying no. I encourage you to join me and discover if yes is the right answer for you.

Greater Understanding & Tools  You will come away with a greater comfort with your connection to Spirit. WIth the tools to continue to develop your ability to channel and the patience to allow that to unfold naturally. 

Be Prepared  Don't be caught off guard like I was! There were some challenging days as I learned how to work with this energy, how to make it my own, and how to convey what the Council wished to convey. It would have been wonderful to have someone to support and guide me through this process. 

Transmission of Light DNA Activation  We will initiate you into this sacred process, and take you step-by-step through how to transmit it yourself. 

 Reconnect with your higher self and become more multidimensional as you embody more light. Each time you give or receive a Transmission of Light you will enhance your own light body and connection. 

Why study with Bonnie?

I have been channelling the Galactic Council for many years and more recently had another group the Tet Da Na made themselves known. While I still feel I have lots to learn, I have obtained a wealth of knowledge from the Galactic Council and from my personal channel experience. Couple this with my strong teaching and mentoring skills you have the perfect combination to support you through the learning process. 

Full disclosure...there were many difficult days wondering if I was crazy, wondering how to take it to the next level, and wondering if it was just a fluke or I was a fake and making things up. Some days it would have been easier to stop than to keep going, but somehow, I kept going. I now have a comfortable relationship with the Galactic Council, a relationship with peers, from another dimension, but still peers. 

Do they continue to push me beyond my comfort zone? You bet, and I would not have it any other way. I know I can say no, most of the time I choose to say yes. 

"Teach them how to channel." said the Council. 

"How do I do that?" I asked.

"You won't do it alone, you will do it with us. And when the time comes, you will know."

I am delighted that the time has come!

Learning Styles Employed include audio; visual; mindfulness; interaction; application; plus an option for buddy support.

  1. Auditory learning with audio lessons, all recorded and available to download to your own device.
  2. Visual learning with written support materials for each lesson to reinforce and anchor the lesson.
  3. Mindfulness is employed in each of the channel practices. 
  4. Interaction with the private group and assigned exercises to encourage you to practice what you have learned.
  5. Application via several practice sessions with Bonnie and the group. This will bring the work to life. 
  6. Energy Healing via the Transmission of Light DNA Activation module. Two recorded transmissions, instructions on the process and the opportunity to transmit for yourself. 

What the Galactic Conversation Course includes:

  • Five Audio lessons covering all aspects of learning to channel and transmit light. 
  • Two live channels from the Galactic Council with messages for the group.
  • 1:1 Channel Practice and Coaching Sessions with Bonnie, a total of 3 hours of private time to help you move through whatever comes up. 
  • Two Group Channel Practice with all of us.
  • Assigned Exercises with a partner, from the group. 
  • TWO activities per week for ten weeks. One scheduled  event and second one scheduled privately with Bonnie or practice buddy. 
  • Written materials to support the lessons and exercises.
  • Guided meditation process to take you into the channel state.
  • Follow-up coaching session with Bonnie and the Council to support you in next steps (scheduled after the completion of the course). 
  • Two Transmission of Light DNA Activation's for you to use for your own energy upgrades as well as to learn from. 
  • With five downloadable modules; guided meditation and activations; 3 HOURS PRIVATE time with Bonnie; partner and group channel work; this course is designed to take your channel practice to the next level! 

Summary of Schedule:

Private coaching/channel sessions scheduled as required throughout the course

March 28 - #1 
Introduction to Channel & Welcome Channel from GC 
(Channel Practice with Bonnie)

April 4/11 - #2 
Delve into Channel
Group Channel Practice
(Channel Practice with Bonnie)

April 18 - #3 
Support Tools
(Channel Practice with Partner)

April 15/May 2 & 9 - #4 
Transmission of Light & Activation; 
Transmission Q&A; 
Guided Transmission Practice; 
(Transmission Practice with Partner - record or document)

May 16, 23 & 30 - #5 
Past Lives, Akash and Sessions; Group Channel Practice
(Channel Practice with Partner)

Follow Up - Document Transmission of Light Experience (giving and receiving); Document Session Experience (giving and receiving)

For anyone who has studied channel with me in the past or is a member of the Inner Circle, please contact me directly for your discount code. 

Who this course is for

This class is designed for people who have a strong urge to learn to channel or take their channel to the next level. For people who have felt the call to Spirit and to bring information through in this way. For people who have been 'tapped in' and know there is someone standing by to transmit through them. Those who feel a strong pull to channel and all that entails, even if you do not yet understand what that might involve.

Who this course is not for

If you are simply curious, wish to prove you can do this, wish to take an easy class to open to your next level of being, then this is not for you. If you are not willing to take the time to practice, you will see little benefit. And that may seem simple enough, but it takes practice, dedication and a willingness to take a risk.

In Summary

Channel is not a skill that is perfected overnight, I have been at it for eight years, and know I still have much to learn. However, the rewards of entering into a comfortable relationship with the aspect of Spirit that wishes to speak through you is beyond measure. It is truly an honour to serve in this role in the advancement of humanity. 

Come now, dear ones, we have much to learn and to do!


Reviews (2)

This course is stimulating, challenging and expands your awareness into so many different threads in your daily experience!! So many possibilities open up as you begin to use and polish these new tools !!

by Suzanne Steffensen

This interactive comprehensive course allowed for questions, practice and expanded growth as we all have slightly varied paths to follow. Bonnie and the Galactic Council supported us by encouraging whichever process worked best for us, our development and comfort levels. I recommend this course for anyone who desires to open the way to expanded boundless awareness.

by Marie-Anne Bisson

This course is stimulating, challenging and expands your awareness into so many different threads in your daily experience!! So many possibilities open up as you begin to use and polish these new tools !!

by Suzanne Steffensen

This interactive comprehensive course allowed for questions, practice and expanded growth as we all have slightly varied paths to follow. Bonnie and the Galactic Council supported us by encouraging whichever process worked best for us, our development and comfort levels. I recommend this course for anyone who desires to open the way to expanded boundless awareness.

by Marie-Anne Bisson

Bonnie Bogner

Bonnie Bogner


My mission for many years has been to assist in raising the vibration of the planet through love. To empower people to create a better life for themselves.  For about the past ten years this mission has been supported by the Wisdom of the Galactic Council.

My personal journey to empowerment has been long and sometimes rocky. As a youth, I never felt like I belonged anywhere except in nature with my pets and horses. My early adult years found me struggling through the corporate world where I worked in Information Technology, as well as raising three young children on my own. Through all of this, I knew that something was missing, and there was, in truth, 'more than meets the eye'.

Once I fully allowed Spirit into my life, I was able to begin to find my way to peace and joy.  I became obsessed with the world of energy healing, intuition and spirit, constantly seeking new and better ways to deepen my connection and empower myself and my clients. 

Personal experiences, hundreds of hours of study and thousands of coaching clients have created a deep understanding and compassion for those who are seeking. 

The sage in me is continually calling for more expression and expansion in all areas of my life. This work is not what I do, it is who I am.  My own journey through channel, thirst for wisdom and strong mentoring skills have come together to create the perfect combination to support you through the learning process to help you find your innate connection and voice.

Course Contents

21 Texts

12 PDFs

22 Audios

30.0 hrs

Course Curriculum