Love Activation

Heart Centered LOVE Activation

Activating your souls potential for love | taught by Bonnie Bogner

Course description

"We are the divine presence, just as you are the divine presence, and when we love you so much, how is it that you cannot love yourself? How is it that you have forgotten how glorious and beautiful you are? How is it that you have forgotten to cherish you?" excerpt from the Heart Centered Love Activation which has been made into this very special self love online course.

Be immersed in the energy and message of love as the Galactic Council transmit their Sacred Geometric patterns to each person. When we were done the Love of Humanity live event, I knew this was a MUST KEEP, and had to be made available to all who were called to it. If your soul is calling for more love, more understanding, more compassion, then this is the activation for you!

Each Transmission of Light DNA activation is so filled with love and hope. As time passes and humanity is ready, it continues to get stronger. Transmission of the energy you receive will be completely dependent upon what you require at that time. This means you can use this activation more than once and have very different experiences of it each time.


  • DNA Activation Recording to download and keep. Allows you to load onto your own device and play again and again.
  • Summary of the message, which can be used to prepare for the work, or be reminded of the message.
  • Complete transcription included for you to study and be with their words.
  • SPECIAL BONUS - Self Love Meditation included for you to take the work even deeper.

Want to love your self and not sure how? This is the place to begin that journey!

The Galactic Council has a deep Love of Humanity - it is a privilege to share that energy with each of you.

Bonnie Bogner
Bonnie Bogner

My mission for many years has been to assist in raising the vibration of the planet through love. To empower people to create a better life for themselves.  For about the past ten years this mission has been supported by the Wisdom of the Galactic Council.

My personal journey to empowerment has been long and sometimes rocky. As a youth, I never felt like I belonged anywhere except in nature with my pets and horses. My early adult years found me struggling through the corporate world where I worked in Information Technology, as well as raising three young children on my own. Through all of this, I knew that something was missing, and there was, in truth, 'more than meets the eye'.

Once I fully allowed Spirit into my life, I was able to begin to find my way to peace and joy.  I became obsessed with the world of energy healing, intuition and spirit, constantly seeking new and better ways to deepen my connection and empower myself and my clients. 

Personal experiences, hundreds of hours of study and thousands of coaching clients have created a deep understanding and compassion for those who are seeking. 

The sage in me is continually calling for more expression and expansion in all areas of my life. This work is not what I do, it is who I am.  My own journey through channel, thirst for wisdom and strong mentoring skills have come together to create the perfect combination to support you through the learning process to help you find your innate connection and voice.